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Augment Training Program

The augment training program is designed to create the ultimate super soldier.  Preliminary training will begin at birth and around age seven is where the training program officially starts in order to allow for more time for physical and mental development.  The following skills are provided for the augment training program:


Hand to Hand Combat Training: Augments will train in hand to hand combat in the following styles:

  • Kung-Fu

  • Karate

  • Taequando

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Judo

  • Muay Thai

  • Kyokushin

  • Wrestling

  • Boxing and Kickboxing

Land Warfare and Orienteering: Augments will be trained in a Varity of ground combat including: basic to advanced field tactics, demolition, land navigation, patrolling, marksmanship, obstacle training and small to large unit tactics. The augments will also be trained to operate in various terrains including:

  • Urban

  • Suburban

  • Rural

  • Desert

  • Arctic

  • Tropical

  • Subtropical

  • Jungle

  • Forest

  • Mountain

  • Swamp

Advanced Driving Skills and Maintenance: augments will learn advanced driving skills for vehicular navigation. They will also be able to use and repair most military vehicles such as tanks, choppers, gunships, APC’s etc.
Psychology and Sociology: Augments will learn basic to advanced psychology and sociology to better understand the enemy. This will also include knowledge in psychological warfare to be more effective in combat.
World Language: augments will learn to read, write, and speak 15 languages fluently with no accents in the event augments will have to interact with foreign allies.
Math: augments will learn basic to advanced math skills to improve marksman ship and other tactical necessities.
Chemistry: Augments will learn basic to advanced chemistry in order to assist in improvised munitions and other necessities.

Physics: Augments will learn basic to advanced physics to improve marksmanship and other necessities in combat. 
Human Anatomy: Augments will learn Human anatomy in order to better understand the human body making them more effective in combat.

First Aid Combat Medic: Augments will learn basic first aid to provide medical attention to allied ground forces during combat.

Military  and Counter-Terrorist Tactics: Augments will be familiar to a variety of military and counter terrorist tactics including:

  • Advanced Special Operations

  • Basic to advanced infantry training

  • Hostage Rescue 

  • Infiltration and Exfiltration Training

  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal 

  • High Threat Protective Security

  • Sniper Training

  • Special Warfare Combat Fighting

  • Close Quarters Combat and Breaching

  • Unconventional Warfare

  • Counterinsurgency

  • Clandestine Operations

  • Mission Analysis and Planning

  • Improvised Munitions

  • Reconnaissance 

Survival Skills: Augments will be trained in all types of survival skills in order to function in any environment. This will also include POW, torture survival and escape and evasion in enemy territory skills.

Weapon Handling: Augments will be trained to operate and maintain light to heavy weapons as well as melee weapons such as knives and how to use them effectively in combat.

Engineering Skills: augments will learn basic to advanced engineering skills to repair any number of mission critical devices or vehicles in combat.
Adaptive Thinking: augments will learn to adapt to any environment necessary to the mission.
Deductive Skills: augments will learn deductive skills to improve observational skills and to be more prepared against the enemy.

Stealth Training: Augments will learn basic to advanced stealth training as well as Surreptitious Entry including electrical and mechanical bypass.

Drown Proof Training and Underwater Operations: augments will learn basic to advanced swimming skills and combat diving in the event augments will be forced to operate in water.

Air Operations: augments will learn basic to advanced air operations including parachute training to provide safe parachute deployment in combat.

Due to the accelerated cognitive skills of the augments, they have been able to master just under half of the training procedures in under a month with no signs of stress or anxiety. Estimates that the augments could master all of the following skills in three to six months. It is also estimated by age 11, the augments will have almost more tactical knowledge than most generals and elite Special Forces units combined. However the physical fitness portion of the training will be done on a daily basis to maintain physical fitness of the augments.


The Omega Project was designed with beyond peak mental and physical condition in mind. The program is designed to genetically engineer humans to be the perfect super soldier. All of the augmented abilities will have huge benefits in combat. The following is a list of abilities that all augments have:


Enhanced cognitive abilities: Memory, Concentration, Focus, learning abilities, thinking speed and problem-solving skills is 5x stronger than a gifted human in peak mental condition. This process is done by first increasing the flow of stronger Neurons allowing info to be transferred faster and increasing the functions of the following brain lobes:

  • Frontal Lobe: increased performance in areas such as memory, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and better stress management allowing them to be more focused in combat and to improve learning abilities

  • Parental Lobe: All 5 senses will be increased allowing the augments to be more aware of their environment.

  • Occipital lobe: Allows for improved eye sight greatly improving marksman ship and other areas.


Enhanced internal organs: All augments have 5x stronger than human internal organs which include the following:

  • Heart: The heart is able to pump more blood allowing for greater bodily functions

  • Lungs: The Alveoli is able to produce more air as well as storing more air allowing the augments such abilities as holding their breaths for increased periods of time

  • Liver: The augments liver as well as the gallbladder and pancreas is able to operate more efficiently and allowing for increased storage of nutrients, faster detoxification (preventing the augments from getting intoxicated or euphoric) and faster blood waste disposal. Combined with enhanced enzymes, enhanced kidneys, and the healing factor, the liver is almost immune to failure.

  • Pancreas: The pancreas is also directly connected to the CNS allowing the augments to directly control their hormone levels allowing for such functions including the ability to be less stressed and anxious and more focused and aggressive in combat.


Healing Factor and Enhanced immune system: Augments have a healing factor that regenerates any injury in a matter of minutes or even seconds depending on the severity of the injury. Both these processes are done with the use of the enhanced Thymus Gland. The gland is designed to create more T-Cells to quickly neutralize infection which allow for more nutrients and oxygen to heal the injury weather it’s a bone or tissue injury at a very fast rate. Mitosis also occurs in the body almost twice as fast as normal allowing damaged tissue to be replaced at a faster rate. However, in order to maximize this process, the augment must be resting. If the augment is moving around or not at rest in general, the healing process will slow down.  There are also much stronger lymph nodes that can protect the body from any disease making it almost impossible for augments to get sick and combined with the healing factor, infection is impossible.


Reinforced Bone Structure:  Augments have bone structure 5x stronger than normal. The osteons of the compact bone are bounded together much stronger to make the bones very difficult to damage or break. 


Enhanced muscle tissue: Augments have increased muscle density to allow for increased strength, speed, and agility 5x that of a human in peak physical condition. The muscular tissue around joints is looser allowing for increased flexibility. They also have asynchronous muscles giving them more strength.

Enhanced Cardiovascular system: Augments have a cardio system 5x stronger than a healthy human in peak physical condition and adrenaline output granting those 5x more stamina than athletes in peak physical condition. Due to the heart being able to pump more blood, the heart is able to better transfer oxygen allowing for greater stamina. Due to the accelerated stamina, augments require less sleep than a human and can go much longer than normal without rest.

Reinforced skin tissue: Augments have skin tissue 5x stronger than normal healthy skin. The prickles bind the epidermis together 5x more tightly than human skin making the skin difficult to penetrate. 

The augmented human or augment for short is the perfect bio-organic weapon. Reports of the physical abilities of the augments are truly remarkable, some include that one augment was shot with a 9mm round and the bullet was unable to penetrate the skin, augments being able to lift one tone of weight with little stress on the augment, augments able to run 4 miles in 12 minutes without getting tiered or fatigued, and augments being able to master even the most complex of subjects in a matter of days or even hours meaning that they have perfect memory recall and a four digit intelligence quotient. Further breeding of augmented humans could prove a danger to humanity and could possibly render humans obsolete like the cavemen before them. It is recommended that any further breading of augments must exercise extreme caution and to develop a contingency plan in the event of an emergency.

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