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Welcome to my blog and about me.

Updated: Mar 5

Hello reader and welcome to my blog.

First off a little about me. I am a young adult novelist, graduate at Henry Ford College, and martial arts enthusiast. I hold a black belt in Kung Fu and i am skilled with firearms and other weaponry. In high school, I worked my way up to a cadet lieutenant for the NJROTC program, where I participated on the drill team, physical fitness team, and academic team. An avid fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, I glean plenty of inspiration for writing action-packed sci-fi stories. I am the author of The Omega Archives and I live in Livonia, Michigan.

I was always into action themed movies and i also had a fascination for teen media. So one day i wondered: What would happen if you were to put an character from an action movie and put him or her into a teen story.

For example what if you were to put Rambo in Degrassi? What if you were to put John McClain in Pretty In Pink? Or maybe Snake Pliskin in Dazed and Confused?

So one day i decided to see what would happen if i were to do something like that, and that's when i started to write my first novel.

I would like to confess that i have not read much in my early years. In fact i spent more time watching movies, tv, and playing video games. One of my goals as an author is to make up for the lost time and get more into books.

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